I.R.D.S.U.W. Certification


What is the R.I.M.D.U.T. (I.R.D.S.U.W.) certification?

(R.I.M.D.U.T.)fr= Réduction Importante des Matières Dangereuses Utilisées au Travail.
(I.R.D.S.U.W)eng= Important Reduction of Dangerous Substances Used in the Workplace

The R.I.M.D.U.T. (I.R.D.S.U.W.) certification is the first step in an action plan to protect our water resources; it is in keeping with sustainable development and leads directly to a second action plan, the Zero Reject Project.  As a most specific example of this we mention the particular field that treats surface applications of floor coverings, which includes coating, tiling and resurfacing. Results are greatly improved quality without any addition of chemical waste into the environment.

Zero Reject Consulting firm/Consultants/SpecialtyTrainers/Advisers in research and technical developments for treating floor coverings, in keeping with sustainable development requirements.