‘Logical Turn’ and its mission

Ecological means no chemicals! What makes more sense than that?



For the last twenty years, we have gone through a very controversial ecological trend. The terms ‘ecological’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘biological’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘phosphate-free’, ‘nature friendly’, ‘no danger to the environment’ etc. are many marketing terms that have been used, by now, to excess. This ‘green washing’ trend has not helped the environment much, nor has it helped the well-intended consumer, the one who is intent on doing his share for the environment. The wonderful ecological trend results which we were so anxiously waiting for have definitely failed us so far.

Important reminder

It’s important to understand that even if a product has received a type of certification, the product still remains a contaminant and this, from the moment it is manufactured until the time it gets completely eliminated. It remains toxic for the environment in the vast majority of cases, even if the chemical product has been certified by an organization.

That is why after many years of research and development, and with the collaboration of various industry professionals dealing with the treatment of tiling, floor covering and surfacing, we have finally come up with the ‘LOGICAL TURN’ solution.

The ‘LOGICAL TURN’ solution promotes working methods and techniques whose primary goals are sustainable development within the realm of engineering mechanics of the building trade. Most precisely and as important, it promotes the creation of an effective action plan for the protection and conservation of our drinking water sources.