The Zero Reject Project

The Zero Reject Project A dedicated formative Consulting firm/Consultants/SpecialtyTrainers/Advisers whose sole target is ‘substainable development’.

The Zero Reject designation means the official certification of a building, of a product, or of a trained technician working with all that relates to the engineering mechanics of the building trade, such as treating surface applications of floor coverings at commercial, industrial and institutional levels. This treatment includes the coating, tiling and resurfacing of floor surfaces. The technicians will be fully trained according to innovative methods and working techniques and they will be made fully aware of all the necessary protocol requirements. They will make sure that no solid or liquid residues resulting from any of their acts as professional will ever be found anywhere in the environment, that is in the air, in the earth as well as in the water. The Zero Reject certification is a definitely added value to any responsible administration wishing to establish a sustainable water development plan, whether it be at the municipal, institutional or industrial level.

The Sustainable Development Action Plan 2008-2013 of the MSDEWP (the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks)

As planned, the Sustainable Development Act, the Sustainable Development Strategy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks have made public their Sustainable Development Action Plan 2008-2013. The action plan proposes a number of necessary measures to be taken in order to abide to all principles of sustainable development, its laws, its regulations and its programs. Its main concern is water conservation, as well as climatic changes. One particular aspect concerns the involvement of the MSDEWP in its efforts to create an eco-responsible government.
(Sources, Développement durable, Environnement et Parcs Québec.)