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The Zero Reject Project.
   Consulting firm/Consultants/SpecialtyTrainers/Advisers in sustainable development.


By using visionary and innovative practices and technologies that surpass by far actual government politics; by approaching then following up very closely all parties that have obtained this certification and by also having them demonstrate that they conform entirely to the exact requirements that have led to their certification in the first place.


Around 1975, the food industry presented us with a wide variety of new products that filled the counters of local food markets. And strangest of all, without any doubt, were the plastic bottles containing spring water. In order to be able to sell their crates of spring water, these companies did not have any choice but to first create a need and then win their clients one by one. Why pay for water? This natural resource seemed inexhaustible.

One day, a visionary businessman noticed that the water distribution system in the municipalities was not infallible and he realized that this could really create severe crises in the future, which would prove very difficult to manage. However, it did not take long for him to realize that this was a wonderful business opportunity. Who would have thought that one day the price of water would reach summit prices similar to those of gasoline?  And today, many companies share the spring water market.

Other times, other traditions!

The time to be responsible has come!  It’s no longer ecological to let the water run while brushing one’s teeth, or while shaving. And where did the crazy idea of watering one’s lawn for hours on end, on an asphalt entrance, come from? Honestly, whom among us could have predicted that one day people would be willing to pay for quality water and that this resource would become the petrol of the future?  These are only the very first steps into the evolution of an ecological conscience. The Zero Reject Project is the logical follow-up solution to a ‘conscience’ evolution.

The time has now come to recognize and promote new innovative techniques that take into account today’s critical situation of our waterways and provide effective action plans for the safekeeping of our rivers and streams, for the benefit of present and future generations.

Here, at the Zero Reject Project, we are proud to bring solutions that can be incorporated into any action plan aimed at the safekeeping of our streams and rivers, etc. The year 2010 saw the end of many years of research and collaboration with various specialists working with floor surfaces and most specifically, those treating surface applications of floor coverings, including coating, tiling and resurfacing. For the first time ever in history, it is possible to greatly improve the quality and results of floor coverings in a more ecological way, and that means without adding anything whatsoever to the environment.

What can be more logical than not adding any chemicals, to be more ecological? It is logical, is it not?  Imagine the hundreds of millions of liters of water that could be saved in Quebec alone? The time has come ‘to teach and train’, to professionalize the sector and to bring out the individuals who are aware of the tremendous importance this new reality brings. Industries, municipalities and institutions, they will all need an action plan for  safekeeping our waters, and that is where we will intervene via our expertise and proven solutionsl

Here is what we describe as the ‘LOGICAL TURN’ solution.  It should not be confused with the ‘Going Green’ trend. It means no more discharging waste and chemicals into the environment; it means forming and delegating a conscientious and fully trained staff, il also means offering the best and safest working techniques in the industry and last but not least, having the most economical of solutions anywhere. Yes, we are proud to proclaim high and low that the ‘LOGICAL TURN’ solution fulfills all of the criteria needed to maintain sustainable development.

On behalf of the environment, we thank you for showing concern for the coming generations.

The Zero Reject team.